Virtual Gallery Space | Jonnie Turpie

A couple of months ago a new app appeared on my iPhone: D Emptyspace.  It claimed to offer virtual gallery space to be curated by artists. I gave it a try and created 3 galleries. One of the themes was based on the mark-making I had experimented with in the drawing workshop some of us took part in April. I had played with dropping ‘lamp black’ printmaking powder on to paper, from various heights. Once settled on the paper I went about flattening the marks by pushing hard and eventually kneeling through a separate sheet of paper placed on top of them.

I experimented with uploading digital images of these small marks on to full size walls in the virtual D Empty space gallery.  If you have an iPhone check them out and let me know what your thoughts are on this digital space for analogue works. The gallery producers have included me and 5 others in this months news: LINK: 6 featured Artists . This gives more information about the platform.

I made another gallery using marks made during the preparation and cleaning up of silk screen process that are usually superfluous to the planned prints. The concept of making more of unwanted marks in a gallery space works for me and would not have been possible in a physical space without much time, effort and preparation. This virtual gallery space is a space in its own right and an opportunity to test concepts.

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