The Hills are Shadows

The first Cluster session this term promises to be insightful, informative and interactive with Canadian Drawing Collaborators Jim Holyoak, Matt Shane and Deborah Kermode, Artistic Director and CEO of MAC who has curated THE HILL ARE SHADOWS. The show features massive drawings from global locations and a live new drawing being made over 5 weeks.

Debbie will introduce the seminar where Jim and Matt will give an artist’s talk on their work over the last 20 years when they became drawing friends.

‘Best friends Jim Holyoak and Matt Shane combine their complementary practices to create gloomy universes teeming with bizarre details and far-fetched ecosystems that straddle the unreal. ‘The Who’s Haunts’ is a monumental diptych that immerses the viewer in two human scale huts. Seemingly refuges for protagonists unknown to us, these dilapidated dwellings are subjected to the entropic forces of nature as well as their authors’ chimeric fantasies.’

Venue: the main Lecture Theatre Margaret Street, 16th October 4:30pm. Book on Eventbrite:

Taking their exhibition title from part of a Tennyson poem, Canada-based artists Jim Holyoak and Matt Shane make an immediate statement with their large-scale installations. Their work is made in a marathon fashion, showing the poetic and mysterious side of their drawing practice as it expands across entire walls over the course of an exhibition.

Working together, Holyoak and Shane create worlds within worlds, where beached whales grow cities from their backs and creatures lurk in the lush undergrowth. The artists respond to each other’s marks, sketching animals (real, imagined and extinct), landforms and architecture, gradually fleshing out landscapes with pencils,inky brooms, brushes, stencils and atomisers.

The finished drawings represent a meandering conversation and a shared dream world between two travelling companions. This exhibition marks the 20th collaboration between Jim and Matt and showcases sections of three of their large installations, as well as correspondence art, ephemera and a selection of small-scale works.

The artists will be in residence in the gallery during the first 5 weeks of the exhibition, creating a new drawing that will grow from the other exhibition pieces and weave its way across 12 metres of the gallery space.

They will be working at MAC Tuesday to Saturday, between 24 September – 26 October 2019, where you can drop by to meet them.

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