Drawing Collaborations

The Hills have Shadows event with Midlands Arts Centre Director Deborah Kermode and Canadian Collaborative Drawers Jim Holyoak and Matt Shane was as exciting had been anticipated. Introduced by cluster lead Dr Catherine Baker MAC Director Debbie Kermode, gave a warm and valuable background to the curation of the Canadian duo’s show. She also gave insights into how fine art students can access studio space at MAC after graduation and encouraged graduates to check out the employment opportunities in a range of roles in the busy arts centre. Over 200 people, many of which are from an art background are employed by MAC. Jim and Matt took over and talked about their 20 year friendship that began when they shared a living space, drawing on the walls of their accommodation. This unintended practice grew and grew as they holed up in a range of locations in Canadian forests, Icelandic villages of seven inhabitants, Nordic and Chinese residencies. Working together is interspersed with solo work and shows. Following their presentation Jim, Matt and Deb were generous with their time as they engaged with cluster members over refreshments. Hills have Shadows continues at MAC as Jim and Matt continue their daily drawing to make another wall size mysterious environmental adventure.

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