Taiba Akhtar

Having completed her undergraduate studies at the School of Art, Taiba Akhtar has progressed onto the Fine Art MA developing visual and material encounters throughout her journey rethinking her position as a printmaker. 

 She is interested in imagery that dissects an individual’s view of reality through complexity, multiplicity, assemblage and the traces of echoing or sameness.  Her engagement with materials and processes allows ideas and interests to emerge embracing modification and variation of technique, enabling a diverse visual language to emerge through the use of manipulation, construction and alteration. The use of alteration is significant within her practice as it transforms two dimensional etchings into three dimensional forms, unfolding both their hand drawn and hand cut nature which has further evolved into engraving evidencing an even more magical process. 

Instagram @taibaart

Facebook @taibaakhtarart

Website www.taibaakhtar.com

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