Tommaso Maggio

Often Design Education teaches new generations about the world but a little about themselves, by extrapolating elements from early art and design education experiments, pre-post second world war in western countries like the UK and the US. Using connects from the Frederick Kiesler Laboratory for Design Correlation at Columbia University (1937), to ‘situational’ experiments at what is now the Central Saint Martin College of Art and Design in London (1960s), and, experiments conducted in Roy Ascott ‘Groundcourse’ at Ealing Art College in London (1961 – 1964), my practice-based research operates under the umbrella of design pedagogy, and it is developed in the Asia-Pacific area integrating, body and society. Here, emotions are translated into intangible/visible elements, which help enhance self-reflection and engage in collective awareness. These actions foster the physicality of knowledge as a set of automatisms incorporated in the body; a vehicle for encounters and a locus of the perceived world. A tool to acquire knowledge.   

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