Simon Fleury

Simon Fleury’s practice-led research fabricates museum-objects to explore and test the intimate entangling encounter between the museum and photograph. Accessing this saturated field of material relations (photosphere) via the conservation-based modes of photo-documentation and material analysis of museum-objects, known as the condition report (counter-factual conservation).

As a senior conservator at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, Simon is responsible for the care of the Museum’s extensive photographic holdings. A practice underpinned by a background in photography, which has included extensive commercial experience, post-graduate study at the Royal College of Art. Simon’s work is in Tate and British Council collections.

Simon actively promotes conservation projects at the V&A. This has included a roundtable exploring the emerging field of ‘experimental preservation’ (featured in Experimental Preservation, Lars Müller Press, 2016), a collaborative project with artist Marie Lund, investigating the agency and ethics of conservation, through the making of a new artwork. Simon also hosts the V&A’s Material Photographies reading group, and, as a member of the Practices of Attunement study group, is taking part in the New Alphabet School, a 3-year project at HKW Berlin, that ‘aims to explore critical and affirmative research to rethink criticism as a practice of shared responsibility and care.’  

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