Niamh Seana Meehan

Niamh Seana is a visual artist who creates performative readings, sound and text-based installations, writing projects and conversations based on the slippages involved within the translation of thought to text. Her practice investigates the unknowability of language, the messiness of language and how language has the potential to become visual, performative and moveable. To create sub-language, metanarrative or language that spills onto the other page. Moving in and out of her own practice, she creates characters that live in spaces of self-reflection, self-reference and moments of doubt. The characters, are often found standing on an edge of a line, questioning their existence.

Niamh Seana’s practice-based research is titled: ‘Performativity, Embodiment and Encounter: Devising a new performance art language through the work of Samuel Beckett.’ Her research examines specific concepts that manifest in the work of Samuel Beckett, such as; ambiguity, nothingness, uncertainty, the unknown, failure and waiting. Immersed in a pirouetting act of encountering the work of Samuel Beckett and writing characters based on the encounter. She will re-read the characters and based on those readings, creates new characters. This self-reflective and self-referential process of working will inform Art Writing as a methodology. Embarking on a research journey that will adopt Art Writing strategies to situate her presence as a researcher within a visual arts context. The activities are performed with an aim to blur the boundary between artist and subject. The Beckett character is extremely self-conscious, they are constantly looking back and questioning themselves. Writing characters that self-consciously reflect on themselves will provide a key line enquiry for her methodology. It will take form as self-interviews, performance scores, scripts, and note-taking with various versions of the characters themes, voices and storylines.

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