Monika Fischbein

Monika Fischbein is a visual artist, researcher, and educator. She has been working with images for over 20 years and her work has frequently featured in international and national solo exhibitions, conferences, and workshops. 

From 2014-2019, Fischbein’s research and practice focused on the idea of national identity, resulting in several projects: a photographic elegy titled “National Still Life” (2015). A community outreach photographic and research investigation in collaboration with Fotonow CIC, titled “The National Identity Project” (2017). A project working with various communities in Europe, collecting found photography and narratives based on national identity (2016). Most recently, a photographic project, titled “Into the Arena” (2018-2019) concentrating on elements of “tauromachia”, the bullfighting tradition in Spain and its strong my connection to the expression of Spanish national identity. All works are based on extensive experience of, experimentation with, and reflection on identity, culture, heritage, and the sense of belonging. Currently these projects are undergoing the editing stage for a book publication.

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