Jacqueline Taylor

Jacqueline is an artist-researcher and Senior Lecturer in Research Practice. She primarily works in the area of doctoral education where she specialises in developing and delivering research training for Arts, Design & Media PhD researchers. Her teaching specialism lies in the area of practice-led research and she has presented, taught and published widely on the subject both across the UK and abroad. She also runs the Material Encounters research cluster with Dr Catherine Baker.

Her PhD ‘Writing//painting; l’écriture féminine and difference in the making’ (2013) drew on poststructuralist semiotic frameworks to propose new theories and practices of meaning-making in abstract painting. Specifically, her research examined the material, performative and embodied components of language and their intersection with art-making.

Jacqueline’s artistic research traverses the fields of painting, art writing and performance, often taking the form of ‘hybrid’ work such as paintscultpstallations, textstallations, book-paintings, performance-texts and painting poems. Located at the intersection of aesthetic practice and poetics, her research explores the ways in which non-representational art practices signify and enable meaning-making. Alongside publications in these fields, Jacqueline develops and performs her research in the form of ‘hybrid’ outputs that bring together academic and artistic discourses. She is also a practising artist and has exhibited globally, alongside art-writing and other artistic projects.

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