Jem Mellor

Jem Mellor is a Midlands based artist and lecturer with an interdisciplinary practice spanning sculpture, photography, film and writing. As a practice-led researcher, her work seeks to acknowledge the voice of materials and the ‘comings and goings of matter’. 

Interested in the world building ability of materials and their active agency within art & design methodologies, Jem’s work develops artistic and pedagogical practices which seek to give space to consider and explore a material’s way of being in the world and the co-productive relationships between humanity and matter. Using performative and traditional research models, she relationally develops material knowledges, evolving a more collaborative relationship with the materials of her own shared practice. 

Jem completed her MA Art & Design Interdisciplinary Practice at BCU in 2021 where she was awarded the Endowment Fund for the Arts for her work, ‘What Is The Matter?’. She is currently undertaking a residency with Wolverhampton School of Art and teaches in Coventry and Birmingham.



Instagram: @jemellor_studio 

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