Jennifer Ng

Jennifer’s art practice traverses multiple disciplines in her attempt to explore ideas and meanings lying within their interstices. Her works span across painting, sculptures, installation, participatory and performance art as she engages embodied experience with materials and space.

She is currently interested in the phenomenological interaction with objects, specifically their tangible, intangible associations and narrative potentiality. In her Practice-led research, she explores the material culture of a hybrid community in Southeast Asia known as the Peranakan. The Peranakan objects that once held social and cultural significance may now be associated with the community in different ways, and in tandem with a waning cultural spirit. However, the ubiquitous presence of the Pernanakan objects seem almost to resist the presumably fading culture.

In this study, Jennifer uses the Peranakan objects as a point of reference to understand and re-imagine the cultural markers of the Peranakan in the contemporary context. Her recent works explore the ideas of absence, memories and obsolescence embedded within the conundrum.



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