Joanna Fursman

Joanna is an artist-researcher-educator living in Birmingham, UK. In 2013 she completed an MA Art and Education Practices and has taught on MA, BA Fine Art and PGCE Art and Design courses and in Secondary School since 2005. Joanna’s practice-led research examines where the pedagogic turn in contemporary art practice proposes different futures, potentials and possibilities of school. Her research positions pedagogic, co-operative methodologies with image making, exploring where art practice makes distinct forms of pedagogy visible. This intends to expose how school can be performed as unique, complex, public/not-public sites; where its effects move outwards to inform and shape cultural and societal production. Different production and configurations of school are examined through key contemporary and historical art practice, where relations with others perform new states and sites of pedagogical interaction.

Her most recent work has been made through a commission with GRAIN Photography Hub and young people in secondary schools exploring responses to being in education during the pandemic. This put cameras into the hands of students to explore how to depict and image their experience and feelings, capturing new ways of negotiating each other and a different life in school. This work can be viewed at:

More information about Joanna’s work:

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Practice-led researcher explores the experiences of Birmingham students in new photography project

Fursman, Joanna (2020) Chasing Pedagogy: Searching for a new school portrait, or can this be a school if it doesn’t look like one? International Journal of Education through Art. Vol 16. No 2. pp 197-207.DOWNLOAD

I | @joanna.fursman

T | @joannafursman

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