Gay Place

Gay is a practice led research candidate and senior technician based at the School of Art, whose main interests are situated within an observed engagement with material practice and accompanied by a curiosity for an understanding of bodily knowing. Art practice is used as a research tool to explore the boundaries of physical presence and experience, whilst investigating ideas of embodiment and identity.

 It is widely considered that the distinctions between nature and culture are intrinsically entangled which can be seen to express the primacy of embodiment. However, embodiment as a model refers to the body as not just an embodied quality, but demands a consideration of how that bodily material or physical materiality is experienced. That is, it relates to the phenomenal body and our understanding of the function it has within our object focussed experiences. This opens many lines of enquiry and acknowledges the significance of a moment which is occurring culturally that addresses complex issues of identity structures and bodily and sexual subjectivity always being open to question and uncertainty.

Works are produced which interrogate ideas of embodiment, whilst consistently looking forward to demands that we think critically and creatively around why and what, essentially, we are in the process of becoming. Provoking an investigation into the precarious nature of bodily identity and encouraging a reinvestment in thinking about the body in terms of both representation and interpretation. 

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