Catherine Baker

Catherine is an Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Practice at Birmingham School of Art, she leads this cluster with Jacqueline Taylor with support from doctoral researcher Jonnie Turpie.

Catherine’s early PhD research developed from an interest in the neurobiology of the eye. This work involving laboratory work which investigated the role of eye movements in the act of observational drawing. This work led to clinical research residencies from which she developed an interest in the relationship between the patient(s) and diagnostic imagery, and the implications that technologies that facilitate being able to ‘look under the skin’ bring about. She has worked at the interface with biological science for much of her career with the last 6yrs located more towards medicine and the clinical experience. Her current work investigates the experience of clinical diagnosis and illness as a disruption of the human ‘being’ rather than the failure of the biological ‘body’. This vital work explores the profound sense of loss experienced by the alienated self in illness.

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