PRACTICE-SHARING EVENT: Unknowing, Process and Material Thinking

1st December 2020 | 14:00-15:00 GMT | Online |

The next Material Encounters cluster event will focus on practice-sharing where cluster members will talk about their research practice for up to 5 minutes, using a ‘piece’ of their practice as a starting point. This could be, for example, an image, object or piece of sound; that is, something that embodies or represents in its materiality or (im)material form their research.

In art, there is“… a very specific sort of knowing, a knowing that arises through handling materials in practice. This form of tacit knowledge provides a very specific way of understanding the world, one that is grounded in material practice or (to borrow Paul Carter’s term) “material thinking”. The concept of material thinking offers us a way of considering the relations that take place within the very process or tissue of making. In this conception, the materials are not just passive objects to be used instrumentally by the artist, but rather, the materials and processes of production have their own intelligence that come into play in interaction with the artist’s creative intelligence.” [1]

In reference to the quote from Barbara Bolt above, cluster members will specifically talk about things that have prompted or encapsulate the unknown, process and/or material thinking.

Our aim is to prompt discussion from member’s practice-sharing, as well as to potentially initiate further collaboration and networking.

[1] Bolt, Barbara. “The Magic is in Handling” in Practice as Research Approaches to Creative Arts Enquiry, edited by Estelle Barrett and Barbara Bolt, 29-30. New York and London: I.B.Taurus & Co, 2007.

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