A Big Draw award

Remember Jim, Matt and Deb? Canadian Artists Jim Holyoak and Matt Shane shared their drawing experiences with the Cluster in 2019 as they took a day out from their immense all gallery drawings at Mac Birmingham. Debbie Kermode the CEO and Artistic Director of Mac shared with us the curation history behind the show and what was planned. This included drawing days in Cannon Hill Park and a Big Draw day in the gallery, not on the walls, but on the floor! They and their work at Mac has been awarded the Big Draw Best Museum and Gallery award.

Matt and Jim explain rabbit inspiration
Debbie Kermode at Margaret Street

“The Big Draw Festival 2019 Award Winners Announced”

The Big Draw has recognised the work by awarding Mac, Jim and Matt with the Best Museum and Gallery Award for the day’s work. ‘Among their many events, MAC coordinated a large-scale collaborative work which was later displayed in the public foyer.’ Big Draw: https://thebigdraw.org

Jim and Matt led the public engagement day where anyone entering the gallery could pick up a mark making tool and draw on the floor. They introduced the day with short presentations of their drawing inspirations and motivations which became inspiration for a constant flow of drawers throughout the day. The final floor wide drawing was celebrated with its hanging in the Mac foyer alongside a time lapse video of its making.

More about the show on Mac website and watch the time lapse to see how the full floor drawing was created.

Big Draw Press release:

One thought on “A Big Draw award

  1. This is brilliant news and well deserved. Fabulous drawings and wonderfully curated. I thoroughly enjoyed their talk at last years Material Encounter Cluster event and will continue to follow their progress. Their commitment to their practice is truly inspiring!


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