From 10 – 17 December 2020, Jennifer Ng presented ‘Peranakan Whispers’ at The Substation Gallery in  Singapore. The “Blackboard Schemes” Exhibition featured artists of the Fertile Art Refinery (FAR), creating an experimental and process-centric platform to promote collective reflexivity and connectivity. This organic unity with a multiplicity of practices by 30 artists include themes such as society and the pandemic, representation of women, bio ecology, the ideas of craft and fine art, and other intriguing artistic lenses.

Whispers – a strange way to speak, speaking in secrecy, speaking in a way that only close ones can hear you, a private conversation.. can you actually hear it ? what do you really hear?

This performance video with a Singaporean collaborator Wilson Goh, was developed as part of Jennifer’s experiment to articulate displaced or lost meanings/objects through dialogue/non-dialogue, connection/ disconnection/reconnection through interfacing portals between distant lands.

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