Photography Research Hub

The newly established Photography Research Hub,  led by Dr John Hillman joined the Material Encounters team of researchers at the end of 2020 and we welcome the opportunity to expand the research activities of the cluster accordingly and we look forward to working with Dr Hillman into the future. 

Photography Research Hub Statement

The hub aims to bring together academics, artists and thinkers from across the faculty and beyond who engage with research and discussion around an expanded notion of the subject of photography. Orientated toward the future, it will consider technology’s role in understanding the development of contemporary photography and image making. The research will be historically grounded, with an emphasis on thinking and restating the cultural value of images and image making. The ambition is that our research will shape ideas contributing to a new understanding of photography, in the twenty first century.

We welcome new members, via an application process, and anyone particularly interested in joining the cluster and/or hub should contact us by email:

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