Call For Papers : Material Encounters Summer Colloquium | 7th July 2021 Uncertain knowledge(s)

An artist’s working process is a hidden yet significant journey: it is where ambiguous and uncertain knowledge(s) are given the opportunity to be
discovered through materiality and encounter. The artist’s process itself is also a highly valuable practice of research, actively enabling new yet
potentially slippery knowledge(s) to emerge through reflection, the synthesis of ideas and the unknown.

This one-day colloquium seeks to provoke dialogues across practices to examine the possibilities and unknowns of process and matter as a
critical meeting point between thought, intention, and the expectance of what might transpire.

What happens when the outcome is not the goal?
How can we conceptualise and capture the flux of artistic practice as research?
Can the artmaking process that is unformulated, communicate research beyond words?

More details can be found on :

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