Drawing for learning | Chloé Masi

My research explores the potential of drawing through both practice-based and pedagogical enquiry.

My research explores drawing and pedagogy in higher education. My current research analyses how drawing can support learning in art school. I am developing a taxonomy to evaluate drawing processes and skills acquisition across cognitive, spatial and sensory skills. This taxonomy will offer a framework for higher education drawing curriculum development. It will identify how to measure skills associated with different drawing typologies in order to make the activities pertinent for skills acquisition and their assessment. My article Drawing for learning: A narrative review of the literature is published by Drawing Theory Research Practice 6.1 in 2021 for the special issue Drawing and Ability.

My research explores the potential of drawing through practice-based investigation. Through drawing I explore the potential of sketching. My sketches are made up of essential lines and marks. I explore the ability of the sketch to capture a first-person point of view, including one’s observations, past memories and future imaginings simultaneously. Secondly, I explore the potential of the specific materials that the sketch involves -the paper and the pencil – and the connection between these materials and their abilities to capture intuitiveness, immediateness and directness.

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