Thinking of Place iii

A number of cluster members have been involved with the touring exhibition Thinking of Place: Catherine Baker, Jonnie Turpie, Jenny Wright, Lucy Parris and Taiba Ahktar

Thinking of Place iii brings artists together to reflect on geographical culture, exchange stories and reflect on themes of story and myth through the spectrum of contemporary printmaking. The project invites artists to invoke a legend, myth, story or an aspect of ancestral heritage in relation to their personal identification with geography and environment. Cultural associations with concepts of land, country, colonisation and collective memories that adhere to places are thus layered in potentially complex ways. The international collaboration that forms Thinking of Place iii represents individual responses to both specific localities and shared cultural legacies.

The work produced contributes to the growing global discourse around collaboration in arts practice extending vital debates around how practice-based research is measured. Practice-based research provides an insight into artistic investigation that seeks an original intervention cultivated through curiosity as an essential way of thinking and doing and as such it demands us to think about its impact in far broader, richer terms.

The exhibition will be at Studio One Toi Tu, Auckland, NZ between 25 Oct – 27 Nov . It will also feature as part of Printopia, the Festival of Original Print.

Photo: E J Turpie, 2020. Surface Tensions 30cm

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