Keith Piper and Gary Stewart in conversation

Ort Gallery | 19th February 2022 | 4pm Keith Piper and Gary Stewart are alumni of the Moseley School of Art from 1972-79. An informal artist conversation about their experiences. Join Keith Piper and Gary Stewart for an informal conversation about their experiences of attending the Moseley School of Art and other shared experiences. FindContinue reading “Keith Piper and Gary Stewart in conversation”

mac: new exhibitions

Image credit: Maryam Wahid Midland Arts Centre warmly invite you to attend the opening of three new exhibitions on Fri 4 February, 6 – 8pm  7pm: Speech from Deborah Kermode, CEO & Artistic Director. Refreshments will be available in our café KILN, with live music throughout the evening Maryam Wahid: Zaibunnisa | First floor gallery | ThisContinue reading “mac: new exhibitions”

Thinking of Place iii

A number of cluster members have been involved with the touring exhibition Thinking of Place: Catherine Baker, Jonnie Turpie, Jenny Wright, Lucy Parris and Taiba Ahktar Thinking of Place iii brings artists together to reflect on geographical culture, exchange stories and reflect on themes of story and myth through the spectrum of contemporary printmaking. TheContinue reading “Thinking of Place iii”

SUMMER COLLOQUIUM: Uncertain Knowledge(s)

7th July 2021 | 09:30 – 16:00 GMT | Online | An artist’s working process is a hidden yet significant journey: it is where ambiguous and uncertain knowledge(s) are given the opportunity to be discovered through materiality and encounter. The artist’s process itself is also a highly valuable practice of research, actively enabling new yetContinue reading “SUMMER COLLOQUIUM: Uncertain Knowledge(s)”

Uncertain Knowledge(s): Keynote talk

TOWARDS AN ATTITUDE OF OPENNESS: PREPARING FOR THE UNEXPECTED | EMMA COCKER | Keynote Speaker By attending closely to the unfolding of artistic process, how might we go beyond the rhetoric of ‘not knowing’ towards a more nuanced understanding of the uncertain knowledge(s) generated in and through artistic research? How is an encounter with the unknown or unforeseenContinue reading “Uncertain Knowledge(s): Keynote talk”

Uncertain Knowledge(s): Speaker bios

AMÉLIE DOCHE Amélie Doche is an AHRC-funded Doctoral Researcher at Birmingham City University. Her areas of research interests include Stylistics, (Systemic Functional) Discourse Analysis, and Reader-Response. ANNA MAKRZANOWSKA Anna Makrzanowska is a theatre director and academic. She was a senior lecturer at London’s International Drama School RBC (2012–2018) and a lecturer in drama at the UniversityContinue reading “Uncertain Knowledge(s): Speaker bios”


rhEVENTS: SNAP/HUM/CRACKLE/POP | SIMON FLEURY | Presentation Not long ago, rhEvents, a project of material analysis was drawing to a close. Over the course of a year a team of museum specialists (scientists, conservators and technologists) gathered evidence of the adverse effects of fluctuations of temperature and humidity, on a collection of 18th century French lacqueredContinue reading “EXPERIENCE | PRECARITY | PERCEPTION”


VIRTULLAGE AS A PRAXIS – ASSEMBLING UNPREDICTED ENTANGLEMENTS OF THE POSTHUMAN MATERNAL | ANNA MAKRZANOWSKA | Presentation Virtullage in the simplest possible way can be defined as an artform generated by the process of assembling or becoming together of different entanglements and synergies that occur between the physical and virtual spaces. My presentation will focus on oneContinue reading “KNOWERS | KNOWINGS | ASSEMBLING”


LIQUID LANDSCAPES | SUSANNA OLCZAK | Lightning Talk An elemental journey beginning with light, moving to water, air and fire and ending with earth. The works explore ideas of time, fragility and spatial experience through consideration of the cosmological and the geological. Questions are be posed about the importance of our relationship to the elements withinContinue reading “SPACE | NARRATIVE | LEGACY”


EMBEDDING THE UNKNOWN | KENDALL COWLE | Presentation This paper will discuss explorations into embedding the unknown within a research methodology to facilitate the investigation of neurodivergent visual perception. The author has a Cerebral Visual Impairment and frequently considers the ‘unknown process’, the ‘unknown space’ (Fortnum, 2013) and the act of photography in relation to herContinue reading “DISCOVERY | UNCERTAIN | SPACE”


29th June 2021 | 15:30-16:30 GMT | Online | We are delighted to welcome Professor Robin Nelson for his talk ‘PRACTICE AS RESEARCH IN THE FUTURE ACADEMY: Attending Differently‘ as the last speaker in our Art as a Practice of Research series for 2020-21. In an increasingly corporatized academy, what role might the arts play?Continue reading “ART AS A PRACTICE OF RESEARCH SEMINAR: Prof Robin Nelson”

New exhibitions at MAC Birmingham

Now that galleries have opened, and the sun is shining here are four new exhibitions at MAC Birmingham for you to visit: CAROLINE WALKER: WOMEN’S WORK Women’s Work is Caroline Walker’s most comprehensive exhibition to date. It examines the often, unseen jobs performed by women, such as tailors and chambermaids and viewed from the side lines in their otherwiseContinue reading “New exhibitions at MAC Birmingham”