Stardust | Monika Fischbein

My current practice and research uses an interdisciplinary approach applying methodologies, such as iconography and symbolism. The work centres on the notions of spiritual identity, esotericism, and mysticism; their manifestation in imaging, moreover, investigating their role and purpose in contemporary visual culture. “Stardust – Postcards from Heaven” depicts Vedic astrology’s nakshatra constellations and their evolutionary connections with karmic paths of individualsContinue reading “Stardust | Monika Fischbein”

Drawing for learning | Chloé Masi

My research explores the potential of drawing through both practice-based and pedagogical enquiry. My research explores drawing and pedagogy in higher education. My current research analyses how drawing can support learning in art school. I am developing a taxonomy to evaluate drawing processes and skills acquisition across cognitive, spatial and sensory skills. This taxonomy willContinue reading “Drawing for learning | Chloé Masi”


Catherine Baker will be presenting her reworked film called Waiting supported by the Arts England as part of MAH 2019 in Aalborg, Denmark. She will also present a paper as part of the conference proceedings MAH 2019 denmark

Uncertain knowledge(s) colloquium announced!

An artist’s working process is a hidden yet significant journey: it is where ambiguous and uncertain knowledge(s) are given the opportunity to be discovered through materiality and encounter. The artist’s process itself is also a highly valuable practice of research, actively enabling new yet potentially slippery knowledge(s) to emerge through reflection, the synthesis of ideasContinue reading “Uncertain knowledge(s) colloquium announced!”

Drawing, Research, Theory, Practice

The first week of 2021 sees the publication of the Journal DRTP Volume 5, Number 2 edited by Dr Catherine Baker. It is published by Intellect with a focus on the multifaceted (inter)relationships between Drawing and Science. You may recall a webinar we held late last year on the experience of journal editing and writing whereContinue reading “Drawing, Research, Theory, Practice”


I am currently trying to comprehend the irony of bountiful blessings on the Peranakan culture. One of the motifs often found on many Peranakan objects was the Eternal Knot. Its intertwining lines flow in a closed pattern , symbolising the interrelation between all phenomena. It expresses the union of the spiritual, human compassion and wisdom,Continue reading “THE ILLOGICAL PROGRESSION OF THE MYTHOLOGICAL BIRD | Jennifer Ng”


1st December 2021 | 16:00-17:00 GMT | Online | We are delighted to welcome Professor Erin Manning to present the second talk as part of this series: Erin Manning is a professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Concordia University (Montreal, Canada). She is also the founder of SenseLab (, a laboratory that exploresContinue reading “ART AS A PRACTICE OF RESEARCH SEMINAR: Prof Erin Manning”

Works in progress

We are currently looking for contributions from cluster members to feature your works in progress on the Material Encounters website. It would be really helpful if you could let us know what you are working on at the moment by sending us some images and texts about your works. It may sound ambitious, but weContinue reading “Works in progress”


From 10 – 17 December 2020, Jennifer Ng presented ‘Peranakan Whispers’ at The Substation Gallery in  Singapore. The “Blackboard Schemes” Exhibition featured artists of the Fertile Art Refinery (FAR), creating an experimental and process-centric platform to promote collective reflexivity and connectivity. This organic unity with a multiplicity of practices by 30 artists include themes such as societyContinue reading “Whisperings”