Amélie Doche

Originally from the Beaujolais region of France, Amélie is currently undertaking a PhD at Birmingham City University. Her doctoral research – carried out in collaboration with the literature development agency Writing West Midlands – uses linguistic tools to investigate the conditions underpinning the reception of new literary writing.  In her PhD, Amélie attempts to makeContinue reading “Amélie Doche”

Ana Rutter

Ana is a practicing artist and a PhD researcher based between Birmingham School of Art and The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. Her research centres around affect, embodied installation and the commonplace aural landscapes that we live within, it is concerned with affecting experience created using re-mediated gathered material. Her practice spans sound, video, digital image andContinue reading “Ana Rutter”

Catherine Baker

Catherine is an Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Practice at Birmingham School of Art, she leads this cluster with Jacqueline Taylor with support from doctoral researcher Jonnie Turpie. Catherine’s early PhD research developed from an interest in the neurobiology of the eye. This work involving laboratory work which investigated the role of eye movements in theContinue reading “Catherine Baker”

Flora Parrott

Flora is artist-researcher currently undertaking a TECHNE funded PhD in the Geography Department at Royal Holloway University London.The work looks at notions of the subterranean, experiences of darkness and the restructuring of the senses.Working in the geography department has influenced and reframed the approach to making: Recent projects have experimented with the idea of fieldworkContinue reading “Flora Parrott”

Harriet Carter

Harriet’s practice-led doctoral research titled ‘Beyond transposition? Exploring painting and the metaphysical through birdsong and Olivier Messiaen’s Catalogue d’oiseaux’ is situated between the School of Art and the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.  Her research interrogates the mechanisms of transposition between the auditory and the visual, through encounters with birdsong and painted surfaces. The painted surfaces seekContinue reading “Harriet Carter”

Jacqueline Taylor

Jacqueline is an artist-researcher and Senior Lecturer in Research Practice. She primarily works in the area of doctoral education where she specialises in developing and delivering research training for Arts, Design & Media PhD researchers. Her teaching specialism lies in the area of practice-led research and she has presented, taught and published widely on theContinue reading “Jacqueline Taylor”

Jem Mellor

Jem Mellor is a Midlands based artist and lecturer with an interdisciplinary practice spanning sculpture, photography, film and writing. As a practice-led researcher, her work seeks to acknowledge the voice of materials and the ‘comings and goings of matter’.  Interested in the world building ability of materials and their active agency within art & design methodologies,Continue reading “Jem Mellor”

Jennifer Ng

Jennifer’s art practice traverses multiple disciplines in her attempt to explore ideas and meanings lying within their interstices. Her works span across painting, sculptures, installation, participatory and performance art as she engages embodied experience with materials and space. She is currently interested in the phenomenological interaction with objects, specifically their tangible, intangible associations and narrativeContinue reading “Jennifer Ng”

Jennifer Wright

Jennifer is an artist-researcher investigating the relation of electronic image-making and communication media to domestic space (its history and development in Europe) and contemporary art, specifically painting and media installation. Specifically, her research examines the following: Domestic spaces and the way they are populated with media and installations that can be said to be portalsContinue reading “Jennifer Wright”