From 10 - 17 December 2020, Jennifer Ng presented 'Peranakan Whispers' at The Substation Gallery in  Singapore. The "Blackboard Schemes" Exhibition featured artists of the Fertile Art Refinery (FAR), creating an experimental and process-centric platform to promote collective reflexivity and connectivity. This organic unity with a multiplicity of practices by 30 artists include themes such as society [...]

A Big Draw award

Remember Jim, Matt and Deb? Canadian Artists Jim Holyoak and Matt Shane shared their drawing experiences with the Cluster in 2019 as they took a day out from their immense all gallery drawings at Mac Birmingham. Debbie Kermode the CEO and Artistic Director of Mac shared with us the curation history behind the show and [...]

Make Your Mark

An energetic tour de force in support and valuing of drawing by art critic Laura Cumming in the Observer. Coinciding with the first UK Art Fair 17-19May, Saatchi Gallery and drawings in over 60 UK galleries. https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2019/apr/21/make-your-mark-enduring-appeal-of-drawing-draw-art-fair-london-saatchi-laura-cumming Kathe Kollowitz