Drawing, Research, Theory, Practice: new publication

A Happy New Year to all.

The first week of 2021 sees the publication of the Journal DRTP Volume 5, Number 2 edited by Dr Catherine Baker. It is published by Intellect with a focus on the multifaceted (inter)relationships between Drawing and Science. You may recall a webinar we held late last year on the experience of journal editing and writing where Harriet and Jonnie described their experience of peer review. Their completed articles are published in this journal edition: Drawing birdsong: A comparative analysis between the electronic and the human; and Drawing Ed Ruscha.

Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice promotes and disseminates drawing research with a focus on contemporary practice and its theoretical context. This journal seeks to reestablish the materiality of drawing as a medium at a time when virtual, on-line, electronic media dominates visuality and communication.

This peer-reviewed publication represents drawing as a significant discipline in its own right and in a diversity of forms: as an experimental practice, as research, as representation and/or documentation, as historical and/or theoretical exploration, as process or as performance. It explores the drawing discipline across fine art, science and engineering, media and communication, psychology, architecture, design, science and technology, textiles, fashion, social and cultural practices.

Intellect: Publishers of Original Thinking

Published by RGallon

Interactive and user experience designer, based in London. Have designed & built websites & interactive applications for clients great & small. I also like tapes. A lot.

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