Works in progress

Stardust | Monika Fischbein

My current practice and research uses an interdisciplinary approach applying methodologies, such as iconography and symbolism. The work centres on the notions of spiritual identity, esotericism, and mysticism; their manifestation in imaging, moreover, investigating their role and purpose in contemporary visual culture. “Stardust – Postcards from Heaven” depicts Vedic astrology’s nakshatra constellations and their evolutionary connections with karmic paths of individuals…

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Drawing for learning | Chloé Masi

My research explores the potential of drawing through both practice-based and pedagogical enquiry. My research explores drawing and pedagogy in higher education. My current research analyses how drawing can support learning in art school. I am developing a taxonomy to evaluate drawing processes and skills acquisition across cognitive, spatial and sensory skills. This taxonomy will…

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I am currently trying to comprehend the irony of bountiful blessings on the Peranakan culture. One of the motifs often found on many Peranakan objects was the Eternal Knot. Its intertwining lines flow in a closed pattern , symbolising the interrelation between all phenomena. It expresses the union of the spiritual, human compassion and wisdom,…

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Virtual Gallery Space | Jonnie Turpie

A couple of months ago a new app appeared on my iPhone: D Emptyspace.  It claimed to offer virtual gallery space to be curated by artists. I gave it a try and created 3 galleries. One of the themes was based on the mark-making I had experimented with in the drawing workshop some of us…

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